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Quality Stainless Steel Wick Trimmer


CLEANER BURN: Keeping your candle correctly trimmer allows your candle to burn evenly and cleaner avoiding annoying soot & smoke build up on walls and ceiling. Built in debris removal tray on trimmer allows easy removal of the clipped wick


SAFER BURN: Don't allow flame ups or a long wick to ruin your candle experience. Keep your wick cut evenly and precisely and neatly to 1/4" for the safest burn. This wick trimmer reaches approx 7" into any jar or pillar candle which is a nice deep reach for most candles. Trim before lighting & between burns. Never leave candle unattended.


INCREASES VALUE & LIFE OF CANDLE: Keeping your candle wick trimmed at 1/4"" extends the life of your candle and its enjoyment. Avoids that too fast of a candle burn issue with those long out-of-control wicks.

Stainless Steel Candle Wick Trimmer

SKU: 0219
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