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Now Your Car Can Smell Amazing Too!


These fragrance diffusers come pre-filled with 8ml of complex and unique fragrance blends.


Scent Options-

Blush- iris, amber, soft floral, fancy

Daisy- warm citrus, daisy, cedar

Goldenrod- nutmeg, vanilla, goldenrod

Milk & Honey- sweet buttermilk, honey

Peppered Fig- blackberry, fig, pepper

Pumpkin Spice- pumpkin, clove, honey

Sable- vanilla, black currant, palo san

Sedona- cactus, patchouli, spice

Sheridan- garden mint, vanilla, fruit

Sunshine- coconut, palm, sea salt

Vanilla Oak (Albatross)- soft sandal, vanilla, oak

Willow- lavender, thyme, white peony

Hanging Car Diffuser

  • This 8ml bottle will last 30-40 days+


    Diffuser Do's:

    + Unscrew the wood top and discard plastic plug.

    + Securely screw the wood top back on.

    + Tip the bottle over for just 1-2 seconds, allowing the fragrance to wet the lid, but don't over saturate or leakage can occur.

    * Beware, spilled oil can cause longterm damage if not immediately cleaned up.

    + Hang from rear view mirror.

    + Retip bottle when wood top has dried out and fragrance needs refreshing, remember not to over saturate.


    Made in United States

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